Objection to Scott Street Precinct Plan

Principal Petitioner Jarrad Gray, Kedron
Date Closed Thu, 25 Jul 2013 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 18 signatures

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After raising this issue with the Lord Mayor, this matter is now submitted as a petition so fellow neighbours can support this objection. The Lord Mayor has been requested to reconsider the proposed plan for traffic calming measures to be carried out in Strathmore Street, Kedron, as part of the Scott Street Precinct Plan, and that proper consultation be undertaken. Contrary to the advice received from the local ward councillor, insufficient consultation has been carried out with local residents. Also details of the number and nature of complaints made about traffic in the area have not been provided. Many Strathmore Street residents oppose the plan, particularly in view of recent improvements to signage in the area to better address any local speeding issues and believe that it is not a good use of tax dollars to implement something that is not required or supported by the residents.

Local residents are also not aware of any accident history in the street. The installation of traffic calming measures in this area would make it uncomfortable for road users and may potentially cause damage to vehicles, in extreme cases. Strathmore Street is a thoroughfare that services many residents and businesses and helps traffic flow and eases congestion on other major roads. 

If traffic calming is installed in Strathmore Street it will transfer traffic back onto those major roads, which are already heavily congested, and may hinder emergency vehicles or slow down public transport services for local residents. In addition, the proposed locations of speed humps, right outside of residents’ bedrooms, will also bring additional noise pollution to the neighbourhood due to braking, vehicles thudding over the bumps and the subsequent acceleration.

That the traffic calming platforms along Strathmore Street not go ahead.

Council response

Strathmore Street is a District Access Road and provides access to neighbourhood access roads, allowing for the movement of people and goods within and through suburbs, and access to local streets. Roads of this nature are expected to carry traffic volumes of between 3000 to 10,000 vehicles per day.

A traffic survey was undertaken in March 2011, which indicated vehicle speeds were higher than desirable for a 50 kilometres per hour speed limited road. This road was also identified as the first location for a portable speed warning sign, as part of Council’s program.

Consultation was undertaken as part of the Scott Street Stage 2 Local Area Traffic Management (LATM). Out of 110 properties surveyed in Strathmore and Scott Streets, only 14 per cent of residents were not in favour of the proposed traffic calming devices.

Given the low proportion of respondents who were opposed to the installation of traffic calming devices, coupled with the majority of petitioners residing outside the affected street, it was recommended that Council proceed with the installation of proposed traffic calming in Strathmore Street.

It has therefore been determined that Council proceed with proposed traffic calming in Strathmore Street as per Scott Street Stage 2 LATM