Sewerage Ellen Grove

Principal Petitioner Sharon Timms, Ellen Grove
Date Closed Wed, 31 Jul 2013 This epetition has ended
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Considine Street, Ellen Grove has a four lane highway and a railway line on one side of the street and acreage on the other. The residents of this acreage would like to move on due to the increased traffic and highway noise, which has changed the area. These residents have no street lighting, no kerb and channeling, no footpaths, and a street that is crumbling and floods every time it storms. Council has provided no improvements in fifty years. I think we are due! We are asking that the sewerage main that is planned for Ellen Grove be brought forward so that we may sell our properties. Due to the lack of land available to be developed we believe it would serve both our interests. We have watched development from Forest Lake enclose our area and wondered why we have been left? Schools and a train station are within walking distance, it makes no sense to not develop when the services are already there. We were assured by Les Bryant that the development would happen in 2011; it didn't. We are being held for ransom as not one offer on any of the blocks after three years has been made, due to the infrastructure problems with Council and private buyers don't want to be opposite a highway and rail line.

We request that the sewerage plan that is holding up our development be brought forward. We have been instructed by the town planners that it will be eight years before it will be implemented, five years for the railway station. We are all long-term residents, fifty, forty, thirty years and government at all levels have never consulted with the residents that live here. This constant waiting for planning and indecision has hounded our area far too long. We are running out of time. We ask that respect be shown to the residents here for their patience and please implement and construct the new main sewerage line.

Council response

 Dear Ms Timms

Petition Reference: CA13/541829

Thank you for your petition requesting that Council bring forward the sewerage main that is planned for Ellen Grove be brought forward.

Your petition was presented to Council at its meeting of 6 August 2013 by Councillor Milton Dick and has been forwarded to Council’s Brisbane Infrastructure Division for investigation.

We will advise you of Council’s decision as soon as it has been finalised.

Thank you for taking the time to contact Council with your concerns. If you have any further questions please call Council’s Contact Centre on 3403 8888.

Yours sincerely



Jo Camamile
Council and Committees Support Officer
Council and Committees Support