Anti-jump fences at Kangaroo Point

Principal Petitioner Tamara Cramp, Boronia Heights
Date Closed Thu, 10 Oct 2013 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 154 signatures

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Residents, I would like draw you to the attention of my brother Landon Robert Ong. On Wednesday night, 3 July 2013, Landon went to Kangaroo Point to clear his head. Landon never came home again.

I believe that Landon had decided to go to Kangaroo Point as he had done in the past with his girlfriend at the time and our father when we were young. He knew the area as we had spent many weekends rock climbing and having barbeques as children. He would always sit right on the edge of the rock cliffs, even as kids he was always pushing the boundaries. I believe that he stood up and lost his footing on loose rocks and fell. He sustained a head injury which I believe happened as soon as he lost his footing, thankfully I was told that this injury would of killed him instantly and he would not of suffered anymore during the fall to the bottom.

Landon was found the following morning by passing joggers, just before 6am. Later that morning I saw two police officers walking across my front yard. The officer asked if they could come inside he then proceeded to tell me that Landon was found deceased at the bottom of Kangaroo Point Cliffs. The officer then asked me to call our mother and ask her to come over without telling her what had happened. This was the hardest phone call of my life, needless to say I had to tell her over the phone that her son was dead. No parent should have to bury their child and never did I believe that I would have to bury my older brother at the age of 26. My family is torn apart and I am the one who has to try and hold it together for my mother's sake as well as be a role model for my younger sister. Landon's death was no means a suicide, it was a tragic accident. Had there been an anti-jump fencing this accident may have been avoided and I would still have my big brother by my side.

Your petitioners therefore request anti-jump fencing at Kangaroo Point cliffs.