Extend the Deagon skate park

Principal Petitioner Ruben Jones, Sandgate
Date Closed Thu, 10 Oct 2013 This epetition has ended
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Deagon skate park is a much-loved and utilised facility by the youth of the Deagon Ward, as well as visitors to our district. It has created a hub for the youth community to get together and enjoy their pursuit of extreme sports, as well as fostering good support networks for these youths who are not drawn to your usual team sports. The skate park's popularity has meant that the facility is now often too crowded to enable riders of skateboards, BMX bicycles, rollerblades and scooters alike to be able to safely enjoy it during peak times.

This is particularly an issue for younger riders, who are just starting out and may find it difficult to do so when the facility is overcrowded for its current size. Likewise it doesn't provide experienced riders with an opportunity to be able to progress their abilities due to the parks congestion. For this fantastic facility to remain the valued asset to our community that it currently is,  it needs to grow just as the number of its users have grown over the last seven years.

We request that Council extend the current size of the Deagon skate park, as well as the number of the obstacles, so that it can better accommodate the many appreciative users of the facility.  More importantly, it would help ensure that the users of the skate park can continue to do so safely and new riders would be encouraged to come and enjoy the park.

We also request that night lights be added to the facility to enable it to be better enjoyed year round. In winter, the limited sunlight at after school and/or work hours compounds the overcrowded and safety concerns that have been raised above.