Residential Parking Permit Charge

Principal Petitioner Margaret Ridley, Paddington
Date Closed Wed, 30 Oct 2013 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 107 signatures

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We draw the attention of the Lord Mayor to the inequities associated with the $10 charge for resident and visitor parking permits. The residents around Lang Park Stadium suffer significant inconvenience due to traffic disruptions and parking restrictions on event days. We are now being required to pay for this inconvenience. The imposition of this charge is inequitable because (1) this proposal was not raised before the last election, (2) it is frequently difficult to park outside our residences due to the higher density of our suburb and because of significant commuter parking, (3) many houses do not have off-street parking, (4) residents do not gain any advantage from events at Lang Park. In fact, we suffer considerable inconvenience due to traffic congestion and parking restrictions, and (5) we are charged relatively high Council rates reflective of our inner city location. Therefore, we already contribute significantly to the Council’s income; we more than pay our way.

Residents in other suburbs do not have to pay to park outside their houses, and a $10 charge for a parking permit today would be part of the Council’s annual budget and would be likely to increase in the future.

The petitioners therefore call upon Councillor Matic, as our local councillor, to object to the introduction of this scheme and residents call upon the Lord Mayor to remove this charge, as he did not receive a mandate for its introduction.