Save Gaythorne from demolition

Principal Petitioner Peta Stanley, Qld
Date Closed Sun, 08 Dec 2013 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 16 signatures

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Residents of Gaythorne and surrounding areas draw to Councils attention the imminent loss of character to Gaythorne by way of demolition for LMR (low-medium residential) sites, apartments and two storey modern homes. I call upon all residents of Gaythorne and surroundings to support this petition to have the area demolition free and to have some homes be heritage-listed.

There are homes in the area in particular, around the Prospect Street, Duke Street, Burdekin Street and Bellevue Avenue, that have original features including roof tiles dating back to the works at Ferny Grove. There are a number of developments occurring in this area in particular and with it will be the loss of the history of Gaythorne. Please lets not allow this area to be turned into a mass of apartments and flatettes.

Therefore I request that you support this petition to not only protect the Gaythorne area and preserve its heritage for its current residents, but for the many future families who will move here. I call for you to take action. I will have many petitions around the local area available to you should you prefer to fill one out in person. The Council has overlooked many fundamentals in regards to the approved LMR sites that have passed their desk. Please drive past the current approved site on the corner of Burdekin Street and Samford Road and take note that that home will now be a four storey apartment block. I then encourage you to drive past Bellevue Avenue and note the green colonial home, which is being removed for another LMR site.