Changes to the rating formula for the Gabba

Principal Petitioner Glendon Young, East Brisbane
Date Closed Thu, 31 Oct 2013 This epetition has ended
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The Gabba is vital to the growth of Brisbane however, due to a fragmented planning policy between the State Government and Council it is a place to pass through, not a destination. It is now a transport corridor and transport hub. Since the development of the South East freeway, in the 1970s, the Gabba has been in a continuous state of infrastructure development.

There are areas of the Gabba, in particular, that are negatively-affected by projects such as: 1. the Clem Jones tunnel; 2. the Urban Utilities sewage works; 3. the proposed on-again, off-again Cross River Rail project, 4. the on-again, off-again Go Print redevelopment, 5. uncertain planning due to conflicting State Government and BCC planning ideas, i.e. the defunct ULDA planning area.

The Gabba does not enjoy a greater number of Council services and transport options than other suburbs, but rather the Gabba has the disadvantage of continuous infrastructure development and fragmentation.

The new CBD Frame scheme for rating for Gabba commercial properties and the new interpretation of the demolition control policy will suppress values in the Gabba; suppress property transfers; suppress tenancies and deter development. Development is already been suppressed due to the indecision around the Go Print site and the local area development plan, which has set limits on development. One of the other negative effects of suppression on development means that Council has now misconstrued the demolition control policy to frustrate much-needed development.

The changes in the rating policy means that once the 5 per cent remission is taken away, the increase in rates will range from 12.91 per cent to 19.39 per cent across commercial properties.

Eg: Your petitioners therefore request that the Gabba be removed from the CBD Frame for rating purposes and the former demolition control policy for the Gabba be restored.