We say no to Norman Buchan dog park

Principal Petitioner Shannon Beaumont, Bardon
Date Closed Thu, 06 Mar 2014 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 13 signatures

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The proposed dog park in this community park will significantly affect the current community use of Norman Buchan Park in Bardon. The community use Norman Buchan Park for children's play and organised sports events, team cricket, markets, community days, fitness groups and family picnics.

The community is concerned about the following environmental factors; nesting Curlew birds, the green turning brown from animal excrement and toxins entering our water ways, Council costs (including difficult erecting and ongoing maintenance), noise to surrounding houses, further impacts on current parking issues, and the safety of this site as a dog park due to the sloping position of this site.

Residents are  also concerned with the potential health Issues caused by: faecal matter and urine, parasites and diseases (unsafe for children to play when this washes into park).

This petition therefore represents the objections to any proposed dog park in Norman Buchan Park. We wish to highlight to our local Councillor, Peter Matic and Brisbane City Council why we are against this proposal.

Council response

Your petitions have been investigated and considere

The petition has been investigated and considered by Council at its meeting held on 18 February 2014. It was decided that the petitioners be advised of the information below.

As there is not currently a clear majority of petitioners in support of  the installation of a dog off-leash area in Norman Buchan Park, Council will not at this stage install a dog off-leash area in this park.    

Could you please let the other petitioners know of this information.

If you have any further questions please contact Shane Klepper, Regional Coordinator Parks, Asset Services West, in Council’s Brisbane Infrastructure Division, on 3403 8888.