BCC's Imposition of a fee on residential parking permits

Principal Petitioner Sue Bremner, Herston
Date Closed Mon, 31 Mar 2014 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 626 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of BCC the inequity of the proposed fee for residential parking permits. These permits allow residents who live near hospitals, sporting venues, universities and entertainment and shopping areas to park in the street near their homes without restriction. The permits have until now been part of the service the Council provides as part of our rates. This new fee has been imposed without any consultation. "Council considers it reasonable and fair that the beneficiaries of this scheme contribute to a partial cost recovery of its administration” - quote from Cr Vicki Howard's office. This is double dipping from the Council. We already pay our rates which have just gone up 3.4% compared to 2.1% inflation. We already put up with the parking inconveniences caused by living near sites such as hospitals and sporting venues. Brisbane City Council is a huge organisation. The revenue it collects from us as rate payers (less discounts) is $870,864,000. The cost of administering the permit scheme is $500,000 which is about half a percent of this – a drop in the bucket. I believe that the charge is the thin edge of the wedge and will be increased in future budgets once the paid permit scheme becomes a fait accompli. Support this petition to stop the imposition of this inequitable charge on residents.

Your petitioners therefore request that the decision to impose the parking permit fee be rescinded and that the visitor permit scheme be reviewed, in consultation with residents, to limit the misuse of these transferable permits.