Keeping the park in Everton Park

Principal Petitioner Judith Meiklejohn, Everton Park
Date Closed Fri, 10 Jan 2014 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of Brisbane City Council and residents of Brisbane, the removal of mature native trees when land is subdivided or developed in and around Everton Park, particularly the mature native trees on the footpath and boundary on the site of the old Scout Hut on South Pine Road, Everton Park. Everton Park has seen considerable development over the last few years without consideration for the retention of existing mature native vegetation. Many of these trees are over 50-years old and their benefits cannot be easily or quickly replaced. As residents, we highly value greenspace and the mature native vegetation due to benefits such as: Provision of habitat for urban wildlife (in this case a broad range of native birds including owls, native bees, and a number of marsupials and reptiles); Mitigation of carbon pollution; Improvements in urban air quality; Attenuation of storm-water flooding; Energy conservation; Noise reduction; Increased property value; and the diverse social, economic, psychological, health and aesthetic benefits. Benefits of retaining and planting such vegetation is well documented in published literature as well as several Brisbane City Council documents.

Your petitioners therefore request that approval to remove the mature native trees on the footpath and boundary line of the old Scout Hut site in Everton Park is not given. We also request that strong emphasis is given to the retention of mature native trees in this development and also in future subdivisions and developments in and around Brisbane.