Brisbane Lifestyle Committee REVERSE your decision to stop Queer Film Festival advertisement from distribution

Principal Petitioner Michael O'brien, Bowen Hills
Date Closed Fri, 07 Mar 2014 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of Council, the decision by Brisbane Lifestyle Committee to put a stop to an advertisement promoting the Brisbane Queer Film Festival. The image is a simple recreation from a scene of the historic film "From here to eternity", simply portrayed by two men, instead of a man and woman. This image has been declined for use by Brisbane City Council as it is "too confronting", which is simply untrue, discriminatory and insulting. Brisbane Lifestyle Committee Chairman, Councillor Krista Adams, said Council requested a stop on one of three proposed billboard advertisements for the Brisbane Queer Film Festival. “We are mindful of the community’s views and believe that one of the three posters may be seen by many as too confronting,” she said. 

We request that this decision be overturned and that the image in question be granted approval for distribution to promote this very important cultural event within the Brisbane and LGBTIQ social and cultural landscape.