Speed mitigation on Swan Street, Gordon Park

Principal Petitioner Zoe Byres, Gordon Park
Date Closed Thu, 20 Mar 2014 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 4 signatures

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Swan Street in Gordon Park is a long, wide road with several sharp bends. It joins major, busy roads (Bradshaw Street and Stafford Road) in the area and is used by many local residents to access Kedron Brook. As this street houses many young families, elderly persons and is used by many people walking with young children and/or pets to the Brook, the speed in which cars travel along our street is of increasing concern. Since the opening of the Airport Link Tunnel and also the Busway, the amount of traffic using our street has increased and it is now commonly used as a rat run. This has resulted in a number of near misses with people and cars being narrowly missed by the increased number of passing vehicles. The speed of passing vehicles often makes access to our own properties difficult and reversing from one's driveway extremely dangerous. I consider it unsafe to walk my daughter or dog in the street as I see and hear cars travelling at excessive speed on a daily basis and I frequently hear tyres screeching as cars approach the bend in the road outside my house. I sincerely believe it only a matter of time before someone is injured or killed or a vehicle loses control into a corner residence. Speed mitigation in our street would calm the traffic, limit the speed and I believe, save lives. It would also enable people to use the street and access the Brook, Busway and Council parks in the area safely. 

Petitioners therefore request appropriate speed mitigation and traffic calming measures be installed into Swan Street, Gordon Park.