Introduce an inbound CityGlider bus stop in the 'Gasworks' precinct, Newstead

Principal Petitioner Wil Cooper, Coorparoo
Date Closed Wed, 30 Apr 2014 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 1072 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of Council that the urban renewal of the Gasworks precinct at Newstead has resulted in a significant influx of workers, visitors, shoppers and residents to the area, with substantial further commercial and residential development continuing.

The blue CityGlider bus service currently operates between West End and Teneriffe via the city and Fortitude Valley and travels outbound via Skyring Terrace with a stop opposite the Gasworks shopping precinct. However, the inbound services omit Skyring Terrace, and travels via Commercial Road only and requires a walk in excess of approximately 500 metres to access the CityGlider bus stop. Furthermore, access to Commercial Road has poor public lighting resulting in the majority of passengers having to cross Commercial Road near a very busy intersection, which significantly increases the risk to pedestrian accidents in the area.

Your petitioners therefore request to amend the current route of the blue CityGlider bus service to operate inbound via Skyring Terrace, introduce a new CityGlider bus stop outside the Gasworks shopping precinct and relocate the existing CityGlider bus stop on Commercial Road by 80 metres to Stop 7 on Ann Street. These simple changes would significantly improve safety and enhance customer service to public transport patrons in the Gasworks area with minimal expense or disruption.