Parkland at Gibbon Street, Woolloongabba

Principal Petitioner Robert Friend, Woolloongabba
Date Closed Sat, 31 May 2014 This epetition has ended
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The Brisbane City Council has purchased land between Gibbon Street and Hubert Street Woolloongabba, as part of the construction of the Clem Jones Tunnel. This land is now in Council ownership and they have put it on the market to sell. The local community has indicated through our local Councillor, Councillor Helen Abrahams that this land ought to be made into parkland for the local community. There is no parkland between Wellington Road, Annerley Road, Vulture Street and the railway line. There has been a significant demographic change in the people living in the area known as the Gabba Hill, and this move has resulted in more families and owner-occupiers living in this area, which was once a dormitory. Therefore the need for the provision of open space/parkland is becoming increasingly apparent. As Council now owns this land it makes a lot of sense to turn this important piece of public infrastructure into parkland as opposed to a short-term financial again by selling it to a developer. This petition is to raise the importance of the creation of parkland on this land apparent to Council and for argue for Council to withdraw it from sale and establish a park on this land.

Your petitioners therefore request that: - 1 - Council withdraws this land from sale.  2 - Council undertakes consultation with the local community as to the best use of the land, in terms of the type of elements which may be placed into the future parkland, including children's play equipment, a community garden, informal grassed recreation area, picnic area, planting of native trees etc. 3 - Council allocates in its 2014-2015 budget sufficient funds to establish this parkland. 4 - The community agrees with Council to assist in the development of this parkland by contributing resources to establish the parkland.