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Kangaroo Point objection to development at 28-32 Wharf Street

Principal Petitioner Darren Litzow, Kangaroo Point
Date Closed Thu, 22 May 2014 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 22 signatures

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Residents object to the Material Change of Use development application for 32 units (short term dwellings) located at 28-32 Wharf Street Kangaroo Point (Development Application No. A003783460). The proposal for 32 units (comprised of six levels and two basement car parks) is an intense over-development of the site. Building size and bulk is not compatible with the adjacent high density developments of the area, in particular to the surrounding heritage sites of Yungaba, Story Bridge and an original cottage. The density of the development does not comply with the Kangaroo Point Local Plan, Heritage Code and High Residential codes. The gross floor area of the proposal is almost two times the site area and does not comply with acceptable solutions in the planning scheme. The privacy and amenity of adjoining dwellings around this development will be compromised as the proposal does not meet the minimum six metre rear and side boundary setback. The proposal has the potential to detrimentally affect the existing acoustic and privacy of the surrounding neighbourhood, as well as the streetscape of the area. It would also dominate state heritage protected sites. To view the development application on line please go to and enter the application number A003783460.

Our petitioners therefore request that Council refuse this development application based on non-compliance with the Planning Scheme and the potential for impacts as stated in this petition.