St Lucia's future - Resident's Expectations

Principal Petitioner Bernard Powell, St Lucia
Date Closed Mon, 30 Jun 2014 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 130 signatures

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Chapter 2 Section of the Council’s City Plan states: “People should be able to choose their residential location with realistic expectations for the future amenity of the area.” Recent building developments in St Lucia raise concerns that we no longer have this realistic expectation and that local community views are not being respected. Residents, particularly those in Low-Medium Density Residential areas, are extremely concerned that the three-storey maximum envisaged in this zoning, is being grossly exceeded by manipulation of “impact assessable” proposals by developers. The recent application by a developer for an eight-storey building on an 800 square metre single house block, which is zoned for three storeys is a case in point.

Petitioners therefore request that Council reaffirm these “realistic expectations" by ensuring that all future developments in St Lucia, that exceed the City Plan’s code acceptable solutions in Low-Medium Density Residential (three storey) areas: 1. Do not negatively impact on sunlight, breezes, privacy, and views of neighbouring homes. 2. Have sufficient car parking provision on site to make it unnecessary for residents to park in the street. 3. Have adequate setbacks for green space to preserve the present "green and leafy” character of neighbouring areas.