Provision of parks in West End

Principal Petitioner Erin Evans, Brisbane
Date Closed Fri, 20 Jun 2014 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 343 signatures

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Residents draw the attention of the Lord Mayor to the failure to zone the seven new parks provided for in the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan (SBRNP). This puts into jeopardy the delivery of these parks to the residents of the area as was designated a compensation for the 25,000 extra residents. Further that there is an inconsistency in the designation of 3 sites listed as new public open space (parks) in the SBRNP but changed to plazas in the draft Brisbane City Plan 2014 currently in consultation. This has been done without any community consultation. This green space provides an essential public amenity for the projected population growth in the area.

Your petitioners therefore request the Lord Mayor to zone all seven new parks designated in the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan as parks. Additionally, we request that the inconsistency in the Brisbane City Plan 2014, whereby three of the park sites are now designated as plazas is removed. These sites are requested to be designated as parks.