Pedestrian safety around Corinda State School

Principal Petitioner Nicole Reichmann, Seventeen Mile Rocks
Date Closed Tue, 19 Aug 2014 This epetition has ended
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Corinda State School located on Cliveden Avenue in Corinda is concerned about the lack of safe crossing points for children actively traveling to school in our local area. The School participated in Council’s Active Travel program in 2008 and again this year and our school and parent committee is keen to provide improved infrastructure for children walking, riding and scooting to school. The safe crossing points and intersection improvements would not only benefit the 600 students at Corinda State School but the almost 2,000 students at nearby Corinda State High School, and the local community. We have been waiting for the Pratten Street refuge since it was first requested in 2009.

We the undersigned call on Council to urgently install two new pedestrian refuges and safety deflection rails to provide a safe mid-block crossing point on Pratten Street near the intersection of Deniven Street, and near the Pratten Street/Cliveden Avenue intersection at Corinda. In response to a recent near miss, we also ask for the upgrade of the existing intersection of Cliveden Avenue and Oxley Road, specifically the inclusion of green right turn arrows from Cliveden Avenue into Oxley Road.

These improvements and safe crossing points would encourage children to walk safely to school and provide the broader community with access to community facilities including the local schools, parks, playgrounds, sporting fields and pool.