Installation of lighting at Perrin Park dog off-leash area

Principal Petitioner Chris Hill, Taringa
Date Closed Wed, 17 Sep 2014 This epetition has ended
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Dog owners who work during the day need a place to walk their dogs safely after dark. Currently, there is virtually no lighting at Perrin Park and what is there is inadequate as it doesn't work properly and stays on for no more than 2 minutes every 20-30 minutes. This presents a safety issue as dog owners cannot see where they are walking. In addition, as the off-leash area is away from the road, the lack of lighting poses a public safety risk - particularly for vulnerable females. The installation of effective lighting, as seen in other dog parks such as Toowong and Neal Macrossan Park in Paddington, ensures dog owners can safely and comfortably walk their dogs without risk of injury or harm from others. It is simply a matter of time before a user of the dog park seriously injures themselves through lack of visibility of obstacles or worse is attacked. Perrin Park is away from any homes or work places and the installation of flood lights will not negatively affect surrounding residents whatsoever.

To ensure local dog owners safety, adequate lighting that illuminates the dog off-leash area in Perrin Park is required.