Trees causing danger and disturbances

Principal Petitioner Janette Cunningham, Brighton
Date Closed Mon, 01 Sep 2014 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of trees and the what is expected to have action taken against owner of offending tree to comply with tree laws. I have a very tall Palm tree with its branches dragging on my roof. We are having problems sleeping. This is the third time we have had this problem . The owner says its not his problem cause he does not live in our house. I have read what I am to do It is far too long drawn out. I pay rates and I want the Council to make this procedure quicker and more offended neighbour friendly. No I am not getting a tree lopper in and then going to court to retrieve the money. I also have on the other side a tall over 60 metre high Norfolk pine. It is now separated at the top as its so high and is only a matter of time before it comes down. The house it will fall on is mine. I live everyday and especially through storms. I would like the Council to remove trees that may cause devastation to neighbours. The owner has been approached and she will not top it or take it down.

My Petition: I am requesting the Council to make the procedure quicker and more ratepayer friendly. Trees that drag on the roofs of neighbours should be investigated and Council should cut them down. Energex can do it, so why not Council. Why should I live with the very strong risk of losing not only my home but my family's life because laws are outdated. No Norfolk Pines unless under a certain height! No Palm trees permitted to hang over neighbours houses or be more than a certain height. Please sign my petition.