QUT Gardens Point Motorcycle Parking

Principal Petitioner Tim Goulding, Brisbane
Date Closed Fri, 22 Aug 2014 This epetition has ended
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Recently, BCC has changed the motorcycle parking area under the Riverside Expressway. What used to accommodate around 150 motorcycles now holds a much smaller number. This area is very popular due to the number of students and professionals in the surrounding area. This smaller number restricts the number of potential users and puts stress on the QUT parking infrastructure. The spots are also not suited to larger bikes like cruisers. Using the bay system is required in areas of the CBD to ensure that motorcycles don't block the way of pedestrians. Since this area is only used by motorcyclists, the bays are not required.

The petitioners ask the BCC to remove the white lined bays, and revert the parking area to its former state. The previous layout has worked for many years without any issues arising.