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Banyo Horn Blasting

Principal Petitioner Marie Fuller, Banyo
Date Closed Sat, 27 Sep 2014 This epetition has ended
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We wish to complain about the amount of blasting that has been coming from the Shorncliffe trains that come in and out of Banyo station from the Shorncliffe line over the last year which has been going on since last year’s train & truck collision in 2013.

This is not just a toot to let commuters know that there is an incoming train nearing the station, but it’s blasting and is very loud and long, that has affected our sleep patterns and given us earaches and headaches constantly.

 I have been living here for over 12 years and this is the worst it has been. This is more than the normal noise requirements to let commuters know that there is an incoming train. This has become a nuisance and is affecting our sleep well after midnight. We totally understand that they need to warn commuters and cars at the boom gates that there is a train coming, but not to the extent that it is hurting our ear drum's from the constant blasting of the horn. We can hear the blasting of the horn from Binda Station and from the other side Nudgee Station very clearly on most days, so you can imagine what the blasting sound barrier is on the other side of the road. Many of the neighbours near-by have also expressed their concerns about the noise coming from the trains constant blasting of their horns.

To vigilant and consider the people who live and work and sleep in the Banyo area close to the lines. Yes, they have a responsibility for the safety of the commuters and traffic, but not to BLAST their horns to the extent that its causing health concerns for the people in and around close to the Banyo lines. We wish to have noise barriers put in place to reduce the impact of the constant running of the train's and horn blasting that go well after midnight every day seven days a week.