Over pass Binda station

Principal Petitioner Marie Fuller, Banyo
Date Closed Sat, 27 Sep 2014 This epetition has ended
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I would like to suggest that the road over Banyo be closed off and just be used for only in and out bound train line, and that "BINDA" Station to be a more suitable place to put an over pass.

Banyo is growing fast with new housing and a possible new shopping centre. With these new proposals in mind, the traffic is increasing, and will continue to increase in the coming years. There is more than enough of the railway and industrial land that would be suitable for an overpass near Binda Station to divert all the traffic flow away from Banyo village .The bypass could be built from Binda Station across to Earnshaw Road, for local traffic in and out of the Banyo area and the new Woolworths shopping Centre. The over pass then could continue to divert the heavier traffic onto Nudgee Road, and away from Banyo centre that the heavier trucks use for short cut.

It is requested that Council consider an over pass to be built at the unused Binda Station and divert heavy traffic from Toombul and Sandgate Roads away from the ever growing Banyo Centre. To also consider closing the cross road of St Vincent's Road over the Banyo station to make it safer and reduce the continually congested traffic.