Keep King George Square as a people's space

Principal Petitioner Jeffrey Lockett, Camp Hill
Date Closed Thu, 23 Oct 2014 This epetition has ended
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That Brisbane City Council keep King George Square as it currently is now with its current classification. Brisbane Residents need a space in the CBD such as King George Square with the freedoms it has without too many rules regarding busking, rallies and sporting activities and minimal commercialism. Residents who want to visit a mall with retail outlets and much tighter regulations can simply cross Adelaide Street where the Queen Street Mall has ample space for this. Groups should be able to use King George Square for peaceful rallies and have freedom of speech without being subjected to further restrictions. Placing further restrictions on these would be like returning to the Joh Bjelke-Peterson era. Placing restrictions on buskers would make this a less vibrant space. Providing a space where buskers don't need a permit gives more of them the opportunity to have a go. Brisbane CBD already lacks space for physical activities. People should be allowed to play ball games or skateboard in King George Square as this is a fairly large space for these activities to take place with minimal impact on pedestrians. King George Square is a great asset to Brisbane residents and visitors as it currently is, and we ask you to consider the needs of all residents and keep it as a people's space.

It is therefore requested that Council does not change the classification of King George Square from a square to a mall, which would place further restrictions on residents' freedom to host or attend peaceful rallies or involve in sporting activities.