Extension of the 393 Bus Service - From New Farm to Teneriffe/then from RBH bus terminal to L'Estrange Tce, Kelvin Grove (i.e. Kelvin Grove State College) - to be added to existing route.

Principal Petitioner Tracy Musgrave, Teneriffe
Date Closed Fri, 14 Nov 2014 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 263 signatures

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Parents and Students wish to draw to the attention of Council to the inadequate bus service for our students and parents, who need to travel to their local High School, Kelvin Grove State College. The need for an updated service impacts the suburbs of Kangaroo Point, New Farm, Teneriffe, Fortitude Valley, Newstead and Bowen Hills. The current options for students wishing to get to High School are to catch the 199 service into the city and then get off and walk to another bus stop, where they then catch another service up through Spring Hill and on to Kelvin Grove State College. Alternatively, they can catch the 199 from New Farm to the ferry terminal at Teneriffe where they need to get off and change to the 393 service. This then travels through Bowen Hills and up to the terminal at the Royal Brisbane Hospital. From there it is almost a two kilometre walk up to Kelvin Grove State College. Both options take close to an hour for the children. This is a long trek when you consider that the same trip by car takes 10 to 15 minutes. The current bus services available to parents & students travelling to Kelvin Grove State College truly are inadequate and fail to support the community who live in the catchment area of the College. Students spend two hours per day travelling to and from their local high school, when the bus ride should be closer to 20 minutes each way. Over the years this situation has led many families to choose to drive their children to and from school. This has created an unnecessary and false 2.45/3.15pm peak hour within our suburbs and at Kelvin Grove State College. It is also environmentally unsound and in no way supports the desire of this city to be 'green'. For those families who have no choice but to have their children travel to Kelvin Grove College via the existing services, this has meant that their young children have had to struggle on and off buses, through the city on their own, trusting that all will work out and that they will find their way. Some students have had to hop on and off buses with their musical instruments in tow - saxophones, electric guitars and tubas - and have had to deal with tired and cranky commuters and bus drivers who all wonder why on earth this child is on 'their' bus and in 'their' way. For those with children who will still be only 11 years old in 2015 when the new curriculum commences, there are some parents who are concerned that the bus options might be too much for their child. Some also feel that the options available aren't safe enough for their 11 year olds.

The Community requests that Council support our petition for change to our bus service options for our children travelling to Kelvin Grove State College. We want your support for an easier, quicker and safer option for the students. Extending the 393 service would go a long way to achieving this. An extension of the 393 service from the New Farm Ferry Terminal to the Teneriffe Ferry Terminal and then another extension of service from the Royal Brisbane Hospital up to the Kelvin Grove College in L'Estrange Terrace, would make a huge difference to the lives of numerous families in our Central Ward suburbs. There would be numerous flow-on benefits to the greater community and city.