Objections to Proposed Development at 131 Sir Fred Schonell Drive, St Lucia

Principal Petitioner Sarah Holland-batt, St Lucia
Date Closed Mon, 10 Nov 2014 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 53 signatures

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Residents of St Lucia wish to draw to the attention of Councillor Julian Simmonds and any other relevant local members the proposed development (#A003897347) of a six storey complex of 56 units at 131 Sir Fred Schonell Drive, St Lucia. The proposed development will have a severe impact on residents of the three buildings adjacent to, and to the south of the site, as well as residents in Sisley, Raven, and adjoining streets. Our concerns are:

1. Traffic and Congestion. This development will result in a substantial increase in traffic in what are already narrow and congested streets, especially given that access is proposed via Raven Street. Due to existing restrictions of access into Raven Street from Sir Fred Schonell Drive, the only practical route into that part of Raven Street is via Sisley Street, which already has substantial parking and traffic problems due to its number of unit buildings, with another two currently under construction. Sisley Street is already effectively a single lane street, due to at capacity street parking, so the influx of what will be at a conservative estimate between 50 and 100 extra vehicles will make the area a bottleneck.

2. Loss of visual amenity in the area. The adjacent buildings currently have, for the most part, unobstructed views towards the north, looking onto Guyatt Park and the Brisbane River, which will be fully impeded by the proposed 31 metre high building. Further, the proposed unit block is much larger and taller than those it surrounds, and is not in keeping with the character of the area.

3. Substantial depreciation of surrounding property values. The adjacent buildings, which currently enjoy unimpeded views, access to breezes in summer and winter sun, will lose all of the above and will look directly onto the back of the 31 metre tall proposed development. This will have a major impact on the lifestyle of the residents, who will all have balconies directly facing the development. More importantly, it will make the area a less desirable place to invest than it is currently, and will substantially impact the value of the existing surrounding properties, which currently look onto the attractive greenery of Guyatt Park and the Brisbane River.

4. Loss of winter sun. The height of the proposed block and the low elevation of the sun in winter will mean that adjacent buildings will lose the winter sun they currently enjoy for a good part of the day; this will substantially increase heating costs in winter.

5. Loss of cooling breezes in summer. Adjacent buildings currently enjoy access to cooling breezes in the summer, which invariably come from the north to the easterly quadrant. These buildings will suffer a substantial increase in cooling and air conditioning costs as a result of the proposed development.

6. Ongoing noise issues beyond demolition and construction period. After the lengthy demolition and construction noise, residents in the surrounding area will experience a marked increase in the traffic noise, which is already substantial thanks to the proximity of Sir Fred Schonell Drive, a major traffic artery.

Your petitioners therefore request that you a) reject this application outright, or b) substantially restrict the height of the proposed development to two or three storeys at a maximum, and that you instruct the developers to substantially increase the off street parking.