Pedestrian Safety at Cleveland St, Stones Corner

Principal Petitioner Laura Klein, Woolloongabba
Date Closed Sun, 15 Feb 2015 This epetition has ended
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Pedestrian safety is a major concern at the intersection of Logan Road and Cleveland Street, Stones Corner. This intersection is a well used pedestrian strip, and has been a safety concern for over 15 years. The increasing traffic in this local area has elevated the dangers for pedestrians, particularly school children, crossing between 8am  to 9am and 3pm to 3.30pm. Although there are signs indicating “Give Way to Pedestrians”, large numbers of motorists fail to give way to pedestrians each day. A number of close calls have been reported by local residents, with incidents of abusive language by motorists to pedestrians becoming a common theme. Numerous traffic accidents have been reported in recent years by local police, who are in favour of improving safety for all citizens at this intersection. A meeting with Councillor Helen Abrahams and Councillor Ian MacKenzie on 17 November 2014 indicate that both local councillors understand the safety concerns regarding this intersection, and are keen to support action to improve pedestrian safety. A petition is deemed the next step and the best way to support real action to improve pedestrian safety.

A number of solutions would improve pedestrian safety at this intersection. They are listed in order, from the smallest and lowest budget options, through to the largest infrastructure and highest budget options.

1. Improved signage at the intersection, with installation of florescent orange 'Children Crossing' signs and 'Shared Zone' signs installed to face all three zones of motorist entry.

2. Construction of a raised platform/wide speed hump at the intersection. This would encourage motorists to slow down when turning into Cleveland Street, in order to safely drive their car over the raised area of road.

3. Organising a “Lollipop Person” program to operate at this intersection at standard morning and afternoon school commuting times.

4. Relocating the current pedestrian crossing lights on Logan Road, between the Stones Corner library and Lady Marmalade Cafe to a new position 20 metres to the west. This would allow for the creation of a standard signalled four ways cross intersection with Logan Road and Cleveland Street and Gladys Street. The current 'Left turn only' from Cleveland Street and Gladys Street would remain. It would ensure there is signalised crossing for pedestrians for both Cleveland Street and Logan Road.

5. Ultimately, the existing bike track from the north end of Hanlon Park would be continued north, under the bridge at Logan Road and link with the existing bike track on Gladys Street. Pedestrians and school children would then have no need to walk up to the road way at Cleveland Street, and could cross safely under the road way. This would provide a fluid continuation of the already heavily utilised bike pathway system linking it seamlessly to the eastern corridor. This would benefit the many cyclists, commuters and people who use the paths for exercise and recreation, as well as local school groups who would use the path to reach Hanlon Park for outings.