Forest Street Traffic Issues

Principal Petitioner Scott Miers, Moorooka
Date Closed Tue, 09 Dec 2014 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw attention to the traffic issues of Forest Street, Moorooka. The street is heavily used by vehicles heading inbound on Ipswich Road who wish to access a section of Moorooka back streets, including but not limited to Hansen, Lyon and  Luxworth Streets, and most importantly the Woolworths Shopping Centre on Beaudesert Road. This is a result of Forest Street being the last street with right-turn access across Ipswich Road, heading inbound, that is not controlled by traffic lights. Hansen and Lyon Streets have no access for inbound traffic, and Durack Street has traffic signals. Forest Street is designated for local traffic only. The physical characteristics of Forest Street being quite narrow, combined with the volume of on-street parking from residents and the Salters and Motorama car yards, further impacts the traffic flow. The street cannot cope with the volume of current vehicle movements. Further, it is noted there is no traffic calming in the street, which is a feature of the majority of local streets, including Gainsborough, Chaucer, Keats, Lyon and Durack Streets, with residents regularly witnessing vehicles speeding up our street, a danger to residents leaving driveways and pedestrians.

Your petitioners therefore request that east-bound traffic, vehicles heading up Forest Street from Ipswich Road, be blocked off at the corner of Amery Street, thereby following the natural flow of the road along Amery Street towards Gainsborough Street. Critically, this will stop motorists who are non-residents using Forest Street as a 'short cut' to other areas of the suburb, and promote the use of the two key streets designed to carry vehicles in an east to other-bound direction, being Durack and Gainsborough Streets. Forest Street would remain two way, with west-bound vehicles able to continue down Forest Street onto Ipswich Road, therefore a turnaround area would not be required. The financial cost of this request would not appear to be onerous with the blocking off of one lane required. Residents would welcome favourable consideration.