Motorama Moorooka Service Vehicles using local streets

Principal Petitioner Scott Miers, Moorooka
Date Closed Mon, 08 Dec 2014 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the attention of Council, Motorama Moorooka Toyota and Holden Moorooka using local streets, including Forest and Gainsborough Streets, as their 'test lap' for vehicles being serviced. As these are local streets, it is considered inappropriate for a commercial enterprise to be using the local streets for this purpose. Both brands have clear access to Ipswich Road without heading up into local residential areas. Holden Moorooka can turn right onto Gainsborough Road then onto Ipswich Road, Toyota Moorooka can turn left onto Forest Street then onto Ipswich Road. This would avoid using local streets which are already under pressure with on-street parking. It is estimated that Motorama Moorooka service vehicles add a minimum of 200 vehicle movements a week in our streets.

Your petitioners therefore request that Council mandate to Motorama Moorooka Toyota and Holden Moorooka that all service test laps avoid local streets, without exception, and are to use the clear access to Ipswich Road. Residents will need an avenue to report any breaches of the proposed mandate should it be approved.