Keep dogs on the leash along the Sandgate foreshore

Principal Petitioner Paul Timms, Sandgate
Date Closed Tue, 30 Jun 2015 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 62 signatures

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The Sandgate Foreshore is a drawcard for local families and visiting families. Many different users enjoy walking along the waterfront, including families with small children. Responsible dog owners also enjoy walking their pets along the foreshore, pick up after them and ensure that they do not bother other dogs, people and shorebirds. Council has currently set aside a number of off-leash areas in the Sandgate area which are very popular with local dog owners who choose to allow their dogs to socialise with other dogs and enjoy some off-leash exercise.

On 20 November 2012, Council recommend that a consultation process be undertaken with stakeholders to develop a specific proposal for the recreational use of the tidal areas of Moreton Bay between Brighton and Shorncliffe. This request was made in response to a petition created by Councillor Victoria Newton to make areas of the foreshore available for dogs owners across the region to allow their pets to run across the tidal flats off-leash. The working group selected included local dog owners and dog owners from the outside area, and local horse trainers. The working group did not gain the support or engagement from the various local, state and federal environmental groups committed to preserving the safety of the native fauna, in particular migratory shorebirds. On 5 December 2014 a proposal was put forward by the Sharing Shorelines Working Group to allow the area from Twelfth Avenue to the Brighton Park (the entire foreshore of Brighton) to be reserved as an off-leash area for dogs.

In response to this a community group was formed to represent the views of those not included in the original working party. This group, Save Brighton Foreshore, has over 150 members including representatives from the following additional six groups who were not consulted in the Sharing Shorelines Working Group and are listed below.

1.  Parents of small children who do not want them to be approached by off-leash dogs.

2.  Owners of dogs who choose to walk their dogs on a leash who do not want them to be approached by off-leash dogs.

3.  Seniors who walk along the waterfront and sand flats who do not want to be approached by off-leash dogs.

4.  Other recreational users of the waterfront (including kitesurfers) who do not want to be approached by off-leash dogs.

5.  Environment groups who are concerned with our commitments to the International Ramsar Convention.

6.  Local residents who want to keep the foreshore available to local families rather than to become Brisbane’s destination for people from outlying areas, including Moreton Bay Regional Council, who to bring their dogs.

This petition is important because we believe that local people and vulnerable migratory shorebirds should be able to enjoy the use of the Brighton Foreshore without dealing with off-leash dogs. We want to keep the Brighton foreshore area safe for people to enjoy as the main priority for the area. Therefore, our petitioners request that Council do the following.

1. Continue to keep the current laws in place for the Shorncliffe/Sandgate/Brighton foreshore.

2. Undertake a program to enhance awareness of these existing laws by increasing signage at entry points to the Sandgate Foreshore.

3. Ensure regular patrols to ensure compliance with these existing laws.

4. Conduct a more comprehensive investigation into a child friendly and environmentally sustainable alternative location.