Objection to Unit Development in ParkVue, Oxley

Principal Petitioner Liam Klein, Oxley
Date Closed Fri, 06 Feb 2015 This epetition has ended
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To the Right Honourable Lord Mayor and councillors of the City of Brisbane: We, the undersigned residents of Brisbane, object to development application A003938825 at 84 Finnegan Circuit, Oxley for the following reasons: • The proposed development comes as a result of a previous Structure Plan and Preliminary Approval approved as part of the development application A002344269 relating to the site at 170 Douglas Street, Oxley and 59 Stephenson Street, Oxley. During this application, the land in mention Lot 904 on SP252986 described as 84 Finnegan Circuit, Oxley was allocated as Low Medium Density. This was largely objected to by the surrounding residents at the time and was never properly resolved. Under the City Plan 2000 the intent for the Low Medium Density Residential (LMR) Zone was as follows: “The low-medium density residential area will contain a mix of houses up to two storeys and two and three storey multi-unit dwellings and single unit dwellings. Land in this area is located in a part of the City that is close to public transport networks or centres”. The area is located in the south-western corner of Oxley and is isolated from sufficient public transport and other facilities to support the proposed density. This is clearly reflected in the proposed development plans that incorporate double garages to support the car dominate living that future occupants will have to rely upon. The only public transport provided to the estate are two bus options that run to Oxley Station. These are the routes 101 and 102. 101 runs along Oxley Road and 102 runs along Douglas Street. Both bus stops are located greater than 400 metres walking distance from the estate and only run for part of the day and at best on a half hourly frequency. The result is that there will be an over dependence on vehicular transportation by future occupants, which will have a significant impact on the existing residents of the estate. The proposed development is currently for 68 units with 132 garages and 26 visitor car parks. This clearly indicates that the development anticipates a total of 158 cars to utilise the site. There is only one vehicle access route available to the subject site through Pamphlett Street which will feel the full impact of this traffic. • Council's City Plan 2014 identifies the subject site as zoned Low-Density Residential. This is a clear indication from Council that the LMR zoning approved for the site isn’t appropriate for the area. Council’s own strategic planning section do not believe that the subject site is appropriate to support such density. • The proposed three storey units are inconsistent with the acceptable solutions prescribed in the Residential Design – Low Density, Character and Low-Medium Density Code and is incompatible with the surrounding development. As discussed above, the surrounding area is dominated by low-density residential development with a maximum height of two storeys and the approval of the subject lot as Low-Medium Density is inappropriate on several fronts. A1.2 of 4.3 Multi-unit dwellings in Low-medium Density Residential Areas of the Residential Design – Low Density, Character and Low-Medium Density Code of the Brisbane City Plan 2000, outlines the following: A1.2 Building height at any point is no more than: • Eight and a half metres above ground level and three storeys or • Nine and a half metres above ground level to underside of eaves and three storeys where the site has frontage to a road with a reserve width of 15.5 metres or more, and any part of the site: - Is within 200 metre radius of any pedestrian entry to a railway or busway station, or - Fronts an arterial route, or - Containing a building over eight and a half metres above ground level or over two storeys is more than 10 metres from any lot containing a house (where no approval for multi-unit or single unit dwellings exists) The subject site doesn’t meet any of the requirements to allow it to exceed eight and a half metres above ground level and two storeys. It is completely inconsistent with the surrounding development with regard to height and will dominate the surrounding development in terms of size and bulk. The proposed development should be revised to be no greater than two storeys and eight and a half metres above ground level. This has not been appropriately addressed by the applicant. The provided elevations to date indicate a nine and a half metres above ground level guideline, which is clearly not the assessable facts for this application. Furthermore the provided Town Planning Report by DTS Group Qld Pty Ltd identifies the proposal as compliant with this Acceptable Solution, which it clearly isn’t. Of particular mention are the proposed ‘type C’ units along the eastern edge of the development. These are all proposed to be three storeys in height and are within 10 metres of the adjoining low-density residential dwellings. The failure of Council’s DA Teams to appropriately address this matter as part of the Request for Information issued on 16 October 2014 is rather alarming and greater justification should be provided to demonstrate the potential impacts of these proposed units. • The proposed rear boundary setbacks along the eastern and southern boundaries as part of Stage two are not six metres. The provided Town Planning Report by DTS Group Qld Pty Ltd identifies this as compliant when it clearly isn’t. This attributes to the bulk of the development and will have additional impacts on the adjoining low-density residential uses. The proposal should be revised to appropriately address this issue. • Due to the proposed earthworks for the development many of the proposed units along the eastern section of the frontage with Finnegan Circuit will exceed eight and a half metres in height above natural ground level. This will impact the surrounding residential development with respect to the overall appearance of the development. To date insufficient elevations have been provided and it is difficult to assess the full impact this will have on the surrounding area. However what is clear is that the overall amenity of the estate will be impacted upon and greater design measures should be implemented to appropriately mitigate this issue. In our opinion, the proposed vegetation in front of a three and a half metre retaining wall doesn’t address issues such as the overlooking and shadowing of adjoining properties appropriately. Furthermore the absence of heights from the retaining wall sections provided in response to Council’s Request for Information (RFI) doesn’t provide sufficient information. • Poor structure planning/master planning on the behalf of Council has led to a lack of road network integration and as a result substantial impacts will be felt on the existing residents of the estate. The failure on Council’s behalf to not integrate the existing local road network, which has clearly been designed to integrate with the development, with the proposed development has resulted in a lack of diversity of choice for future and existing residents. As a result, the proposed density is not appropriate for the subject lot as the traffic generated will have substantial impacts on Pamphlet Street, Douglas Street and subsequent surrounding streets. The failure to integrate both Price Street and Harraden Street has resulted in unsustainable development. • The proposed unit development is essentially a massive private enclave on a 2.2 hectare site. The strategic principles of the Brisbane City Plan 2000 clearly identify that this is not a desirable outcome. Poor town planning by Council during the preliminary approval has resulted in a parcel of land that cannot be and will not ever be appropriately connected to the surrounding neighbourhood. Legible and direct access for all residents to surrounding and future community facilities in the area such as schools, parks, neighbourhood shops and public transport can never be achieved. The original preliminary approval integrated shops into the development towards the entry to Douglas Street. This has since been replaced with units, removing any chance of mitigating this issue.

We call on the Lord Mayor to reject this application, and take into consideration the facilities that are available. This should include the roads and traffic, public transport available and development heights. We propose a smaller development which better integrates into the community of Parkvue and Oxley.