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Stop Footbridge Between Camp and Bent Streets, Toowong

Principal Petitioner Rhiannon Kemp, Toowong
Date Closed Tue, 05 May 2015 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 29 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of Councillor Peter Matic and the Brisbane City Council their opposition to the creation of a foot / bicycle bridge between Camp Street and Bent Street over Toowong Creek. Local residents, with their own money, have spent a lot of time planting up this section of the creek in accordance with local environmental groups such as Save Our Waterways Now and the Cubberla Witton Catchment Network. All work done was under the guidelines of Total Water Cycle Management plan to stabilise the banks of the creek and at the same time encourage biodiversity in Brisbane.

We would like to stop the bridge being built because we feel that it is both unnecessary and harmful to this section of the creek. Inserting the bridge will fragment the habitat and potentially lead to pollution. A response to why this bridge is required when there is already an access point and bridge over the creek, less than 200 metres away, would be appreciated. The Bent Street/Exmouth Street/Broseley Road bridge over Toowong Creek is often overgrown and litter is found along the pathway to the bridge. Undesirable items such as syringes have also been found. The area is being used after dark for dubious activities because there is poor lighting so local residents do not walk their dogs there in the evening. Building the bridge will interfere with this section of the creek which acts as a wildlife corridor and allows the waterway habit to support biodiversity.