Requesting Safety Improvements at the roundabout intersection of Deagon, Nash and Baskerville Streets and Bracken Ridge Road

Principal Petitioner Victoria Newton, Sandgate
Date Closed Mon, 31 Aug 2015 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 59 signatures

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Residents draw Council's attention to concerns about the need for safe crossing points for pedestrians at the intersection of Deagon, Nash and Baskerville Streets and Bracken Ridge Road, Sandgate. Despite the difficulties for pedestrians in the area, it is a popular pedestrian thoroughfare for people getting to and from the shops at that intersection. It is also used to access local childcare centres, schools, the playground in nearby Peace Park, and facilities at Deagon Sports Ground Park including:

  • Sandgate Police-Citizens Youth Club
  • Sandgate and District Youth Tennis Association 
  • Sandgate-Redcliffe District Cricket Club.

The traffic islands leading to the intersection make it difficult for pedestrians with mobility difficulties and people pushing prams to cross easily and safely. The key concerns relating to this intersection include:

  • no kerb ramps or crossing points for pedestrians
  • some motorists driving too quickly for the road conditions through the roundabout
  • parking difficulties for customers of local businesses due to the narrowness of the road outside the shops in Deagon Street (which are reliant on these limited on-street parking for their customers)

Therefore, we the undersigned call on Council to upgrade the intersection of Deagon, Nash and Baskerville Streets, and Bracken Ridge Road, Sandgate, to improve pedestrian safety, improve parking safety for customers of the local businesses, and address concerns about speeding.