Crossing at the roundabout and footpaths on Norris and Barbour Roads, Bracken Ridge

Principal Petitioner Vicky Steinback, Bracken Ridge
Date Closed Wed, 12 Aug 2015 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to Council's attention the issue of a lack of safe crossing at the roundabout on Norris and Barbour Roads, Bracken Ridge. At peak time this roundabout is extremely busy and there have been a few near misses. Many people with prams and young children cross here and it is very dangerous. Also, there is no footpath on one side of Barbour Road and one side of Norris Road, which makes it difficult to cross further away from the roundabout if using a pram due to the gravel and uneven ground.

Your petitioners therefore request that Council assess the need for a safe and suitable crossing and address the lack of footpaths on Barbour and Norris Roads to make this area safer for everyone