Safety of Dickson Street - the Death Corridor

Principal Petitioner Lauren Schulz, Wooloowin
Date Closed Fri, 24 Jul 2015 This epetition has ended
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We moved into Dickson Street in April 2013. Since that time we have had four car accidents directly outside our house. That's not to say there haven't been others on the same street during that time. Luckily, no serious injuries have occurred but that is only from pure luck, especially from the P-plater who cut a power pole in half when speeding at 90 kilometres per hour (km/h) down Dickson Street. It was only pure luck that saved the carload of people that were driving too fast that same night and drove over the live power lines that were draped over the road (despite us trying to stop them). It is a long curved road, lined with families and children. The designated 60 km/h is too fast for the amount of traffic, pedestrians and bike riders that share the road. It is definitely too fast when the road is wet and yet I consistently see cars going well above this speed.

A number of the adjoining roads off Dickson street have speed bumps, I assume for the very reason I am writing this letter. Dickson Street is used as the decoy for the major artilleries and has inadvertently become one itself without the safety considerations. I'm concerned that it will take a fatality for the Council to take this issue seriously and, as a mother with two young children, I am terrified of the proximity of this danger.

Your petitioners therefore request that speed bumps be put in place or something to slow down the flow of traffic.