Request for children's playground at Taringa Parade

Principal Petitioner Emma Mitchell, Taringa
Date Closed Sat, 15 Aug 2015 This epetition has ended
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Along Taringa Parade, at the top of Equinox Street, there are parklands that were recently being used as a car park for the construction workers for the Legacy Way tunnel. Now that construction is over, the area has been somewhat returned to it's former state. However, we feel it would be further enhanced by a small children's playground. After conducting a quick online search looking into the playgrounds in the area, while there are parks located in Taringa, there are none in the particular area of the proposed playground site. There are numerous families in the area that we feel would benefit from the use of this playground.

We would like the Brisbane City Council to consider a playground for children in the area to promote community interaction and provide a safe area for children and families to play and congregate.