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Objection to development application at 93 Boundary Street, West End

Principal Petitioner Helen Abrahams, Woolloongabba
Date Closed Mon, 14 Sep 2015 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 402 signatures

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Council has received an application for a development application for a preliminary approval for seven towers being one 25 storey, one 20 storey, one 19 storey, and four 15 storey buildings at 93 Boundary Street, West End – (A004115562).  The two heritage buildings are to be reused and two new 2 storey buildings will abutting a modified green space on Boundary Street. 1350 units are proposed. A commercial car park of 502 spaces is proposed for visitors to the units, and the retail and commercial uses on the site. 

The list of uses on the site includes multi-unit dwelling, hotel, retirement facility, residential care facility, rooming accommodation, home business, offices, food and drink outlets, shops including a supermarket of up to 4,500m2, hardware store, showroom, market, nightclub, parking station, car wash and telecommunication facility. The preliminary approval does not mean all these uses will be on the site, but they may be part of future stages of the development. 

If this application is approved, future applications with the details for the proposed seven buildings will be Code Assessable and so they will not be advertised and local residents have no right to appeal the proposal.  Residents might not even know about these development applications. Any submission pertaining to a specific building CAN NOT CHANGE the height or size of the building or increase the amount of public open space or parkland. 

The South Brisbane Neighbourhood Plan placed restrictions on the redevelopment of this site being:

  • A new urban plaza or public space on Boundary Street that links activity from Boundary Street through the site to Mollison Street
  • Retaining an reusing the heritage buildings
  • Mixed use development (that) integrates active ground floor uses and community space with residential and commercial uses
  • New roads and pedestrian links allow people to move between Mollison, Little Jane and Wilson streets that have a width of 6 metre and lanes
  • The inclusion of an underground commercial car park with a capacity for approximately 450 car parks
  • Development provides buildings with a 10 metre setback between the tower and any street alignment, and
  • Maximum height of 15 storeys. 

The assumed scale of development (density) for the site is 400 unit per ha (net developable ha) for High Density Residential Zone of up to 15 stories. (Chapter 4,City Plan 2014). This equates to 1,040 units for the entire site. 

We object to the impact of this proposal particularly the building heights, the number of units and so the population density, the overshadowing from the tower buildings and the impact on public infrastructure such as parks, schools, community facilities, affordable housing, stormwater and sewer network and congestion of the existing road network.

Therefore, we the undersigned, call on the Lord Mayor and Councillor Cooper to reject the height and density proposed for this site and instead apply, as a minimum,  the 15 storey height restriction as specified in the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan. It should be noted  that the LNP administration imposed the SBRNP on a community that objected to the population densities and building heights due to lack of provision of appropriate infrastructure.