Toowong Memorial Park development A003998096

Principal Petitioner Chris Breitenbach, Toowong
Date Closed Thu, 26 May 2016 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 83 signatures

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To: Cr Graham Quirk – Lord Mayor of Brisbane; Cr Peter MaticCouncillor for Toowong. Hon. Jacki Trad MP - Deputy Premier, Minister for Transport, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, and Trade; Hon. Steven Miles MP – Minister for Environment and Heritage, National Parks and Great Barrier Reef;

We the undersigned residents, object to the development A003998096 in the Toowong Memorial Park that has been approved against the recommendations and advice from the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

The proposed development significantly impacts this State Heritage Site which is a memorial to the soldiers who served and died in the First World War.

The proposed excavation of the hill supporting the monument will destroy trees planted in honour of ANZACs, the aesthetics and the solemn dignity of the Memorial Park.

The development and new lease, transfers public parkland to commercial interests, being a medical and convention centre in excess of the needs of a sports club and will result in further loss of Open Space /Parkland.

The proposed 2 storey arched building is unsightly, adversarial and not in character with the Park.

We ask the Lord Mayor to repeal this development approval and associated 60 year lease.

Council response

Dear petitioners,

The development application was approved by Council on 18 November 2015, after being assessed against the requirements of Brisbane City Plan 2014 and in accordance with the provisions of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009. The assessment considered a number of issues including height, setbacks, stormwater drainage, bulk and scale, car parking provisions and consistency against the local streetscape.

The concerns raised in the petition were taken into consideration during the assessment of the application.

Details of the development application can be viewed online by visiting Council’s website at and searching the application reference number A004041729.

Thank you for contacting Council about this matter.