Petition opposing the proposed development at 2029 Wynnum Road & 7A Alter Street, Wynnum West, 4178

Principal Petitioner Daniel Thompson, Wynnum West
Date Closed Fri, 21 Aug 2015 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 125 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of the Brisbane City Council and the Lord Mayor, the proposed multi dwelling development application to build 203 units over five stages at 2029 Wynnum Road and 7A Alter Street, Wynnum West, 4178. Application Reference Number: A004004085. The petitioners draw Council's attention to the following concerns:

• The size and scale of the proposed development is excessive and not consistent with the existing streetscape in Wynnum West, nor character of the Bayside area. In particular, the height of five storeys and number of units congested into this allotment is not compatible with the existing dwellings in this area.

• The capacity of Plaza Street is already overwhelmed with local traffic, and the introduction of approximately another 406 vehicles onto this road is excessive. Traffic at the Randall Road/ Plaza Street intersection regularly backs up past the Alter Street connection, and this area is a hot spot for traffic accidents and near misses.

• Numerous Vehicle-Vehicle and Vehicle-Pedestrian accidents have occurred at this intersection in the past, and the probability of more accidents will increase with increased traffic. Alter Street and Plaza Street experience a high density of pedestrian movement (residents and school children visiting the local shopping complex).

• The proposed future connection with Sorrento Street will put too much demand on the narrow roadways at Sorrento Street and Capri Lane. Furthermore, by making a connection between Sorrento and Plaza Streets, it is anticipated that a significant amount of traffic will take a short cut through these back streets. This connection will make it easier for traffic to deviate from the Wynnum Road/ Randall Road shopping centre to the Wynnum Plaza (or taking a short cut to Wynnum Road via Plaza Street).

Your petitioners therefore request Council to:

1) Reduce the allowable height of the development to a maximum of 3 Storeys.

2) Limit the number of units to approximately 100 (smaller population density).

3) Use Wynnum Road as the primary access road for the development.

4) Do not make a connecting road between Alter Street and Sorrento Street.