DA A004048528 due for Council decision 17.8.15

Principal Petitioner Jane Gaha, Mitchelton
Date Closed Thu, 04 Feb 2016 This epetition has ended
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Residents draw to the urgent attention of DA A004048528, due for Council decision on 17.8.15. Please note that I have not been able to copy or attach signed petition. SUBMISSION RE Proposed Development of 3.66 hectare site at 59 Cribb Ave Mitchelton DA # A004048528

Dear Councillors,

We (Cribb Avenue residents) would like to bring to your attention the following concerns and to propose solutions in relation the above development application.

1. Flooding of Property and Raw Sewage Overflow - The site is situated on a flood-plain adjacent to Kedron Brook and a number of our properties flood on a regular basis. It is often impossible to leave the house during wet weather events due to the height of the flood water. The Storm Water Management Plan submitted to Council has proven to be inaccurate as it did not take into account the impact of existing roads, dwellings, sheds and fences. Raw sewage often overflows onto the footpath, mixing with flood water and flowing onto our properties. It also flows back up the pipes and enters the underside of property. This is a significant public health risk.

Proposed Solutions We request:-

1. A full Impact Assessment is carried out to ascertain whether it is possible to develop the site. Subject to this, we request the following measures:

a. A comprehensive and integrated approach to solutions, involving Cribb Avenue residents (who have local knowledge of the issues) re: discussions with Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) and Brisbane City Council (BCC).

b. Development of all lots takes place at the same time so we do not have to lobby to have our storm water and sewage needs considered each time a new DA is put in for building on the individual lots.

c. No storm water or sewage is fed into Cribb Avenue or its stormwater/sewage infrastructure.

2. Traffic Issues and Damage to Council’s Bike Path/Footpath. Speeding, hooning and a high volume of traffic are problems in Cribb Avenue. A recent survey showed that 62,000 cars travelled through our street (in one direction over an eight week period) and most drivers use it as a shortcut, from Dawson Parade to Samford Road. A speeding drunk driver crashed into a telegraph pole on the footpath a few years ago, resulting in it needing to be replaced. Death of animals also often occurs. The traffic is dangerous to HELP residents (people with disabilities), bike riders, commuters and local residents (“the community”). Cribb Avenue residents are often scared when pulling out of drive ways. The building of 11 new driveways will cut across the shared Council bike path/footpath, which HELP residents currently use for recreation numerous times throughout each day.

Proposed Solutions we request:

1. A one way service road to the seven private lots in Cribb Avenue be built, which intersects the path at two points only (one entry point and one exit point) and allows access to the proposed new dwellings from the rear of the lots.

2. Traffic reduction and calming devices are implemented to ensure safety of the community.

3. Loss of Green Space - Cribb Avenue is well known for its beautiful trees and it would be a great loss to the community if they were removed. The above DA proposes removal of all trees on HELP’s land adjacent to Cribb Avenue. We are aware that HELP has agreed to donate the Water Detention site to Council. However, the community will not be able to use this land.

Proposed Solutions We request:

1. The Water Detention Basin be retained by HELP, which we understand would be useful in terms of HELP accessing much needed water for their nursery.

2. HELP donates a three metre-wide piece of land along Cribb Avenue, which would preserve the existing trees on the site, provide a screen from any new dwellings and habitat for native flora and fauna.

4. Building and Design of Properties on Private Lots - There are no plans for the development of private lots. If lots are sold off and developed individually, we cannot be sure of what will be built at a later stage and how this will impact on the community and the environment. Each individual DA would need to be closely monitored for its impact on flooding and sewage.

Proposed Solutions We request:-

1. All lots be developed at the one time to ensure all issues are addressed in a cohesive and integrated way.

2. New dwellings are constructed primarily of timber to fit in with the existing natural and built environment.

3. New dwellings are built on posts rather than concrete slabs to reduce impervious surfaces and the potential for increased flooding.

4. No stormwater enters Cribb Avenue from the proposed development site to mitigate against flooding.

Yours sincerely, Jane Gaha (on behalf of Cribb Ave Residents). janegaha@hotmail.com

Please see "Discussion of issue/grievance."