Renaming Camelot Park

Principal Petitioner Karla Mcmaster, Sinnamon Park
Date Closed Wed, 02 Dec 2015 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 823 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of the Lord Mayor and Councillors, the request to rename Camelot Park, located in Camelot Crescent Middle Park, to Rod and Mary Burrows Park.

Rod and Mary Burrows, were longtime residents of Camelot Crescent and unfortunately passengers on MH370 which went missing on the 8 March 2014. Rod & Mary moved their young family into the house they built on Camelot Crescent in 1992. They were one of the first to build and reside on the street. Rod and Mary would stay in their family home until they decided to travel and downsize 21 years later in January 2014. Camelot Park was a part of the Burrows’ family life growing up. From their whole family helping to lay the turf when the park was first built, to Rod watering the turf daily until it was established, to Rod and Mary hosting the first street Christmas party in the park in 2013. Rod and Mary are missed immensely by their family and friends. It would mean so very much to them to have this park renamed Rod & Mary Burrows Park; to have an everlasting reminder of what kind and caring people Rod and Mary were.

Your petitioners therefore request that Camelot Park, located in Camelot Crescent, MiddlePark, be renamed to Rod & Mary Burrows Park.