Victoria Bridge bicycle access

Principal Petitioner Richard Bean, Indooroopilly
Date Closed Wed, 10 May 2017 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 106 signatures

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Residents note that Council’s plans for Victoria Bridge involve a reallocation of space from two lanes of general traffic to two lanes of Brisbane Metro, while maintaining the existing bus lanes. The only current options for people riding bikes are the on-road traffic lanes or the path on the western side of the bridge, which is shared with pedestrians and too narrow to be viable for the volume of shared traffic. Although Council claims the proposed changes will be “greening” the bridge, the effect will be to exclude people travelling by bicycle. Alternative routes across the Brisbane River by bicycle involve either substantial detours, or poor connections to safe and popular bicycle routes. Active transport can only be successful if direct and convenient paths are provided. Should the proposed metro proceed, implementation on Victoria Bridge is expected to be some years away.

Your petitioners therefore request that: •

  • in the interim, space on the Victoria Bridge be allocated for dedicated bicycle access; •
  • the business case for the metro consider the impact on public health of discouraging active travel by closing Victoria Bridge to bicycle traffic; and
  • plans for the metro include funding for alternative routes to ensure that active travel remains viable and attractive for short trips between the Brisbane CBD and South Bank and West End.