Trucks on Hawthorn and Lytton Roads

Principal Petitioner Kerrie Matthews, Bulimba
Date Closed Sat, 02 Dec 2017 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 7 signatures

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Residents are asked if they are concerned about over-weight and over-length trucks taking a short cut left at Hawthorn Rd to the Oxford Street roundabout (which has just been upgraded) then screaming down Lytton Road to wherever!!! The road is single lane, family and pet friendly, school zones everywhere they need to find another route.

Your petitioners therefore request that the petition is actioned.

Council response

Thank you for your petition requesting that that trucks be diverted away from Hawthorne and Lytton Roads, Bulimba.

Your concerns about the suitability of Hawthorne and Lytton Roads for heavy vehicle use have been noted.

Hawthorne Road is classified as a district road in Council’s Road Hierarchy. District roads facilitate the movement of people and goods within and through suburbs, including bus and heavy vehicle usage.

Hawthorne Road is used by around 15,000 vehicles on an average day and provides an important link through the suburbs of Hawthorne, and Bulimba, and on to Morningside and other eastern suburbs. As a district road, Hawthorne Road provides legitimate access for heavy vehicles to industrial areas within the suburb of Bulimba (on Byron Street, Banya Street, and Apollo Road) and to the commercial precinct along Oxford Street. Hawthorne Road also provides legitimate heavy vehicle access to industrial areas along Lytton Road.

Lytton Road meets Hawthorne Road at its intersection with Oxford Street. Lytton Road is classified as a district road to the west of the intersection with Thynne Road, and a suburban road to the east of this intersection. Suburban roads serve to connect arterial routes in and around suburbs and form important links in the public transport and inter-suburban freight network. Considering this road function, suburban routes are expected to carry high traffic volumes including trucks. Following on from Hawthorne Road, Lytton Road also facilitates access for heavy vehicles to the industrial estates in the local area.

Under Queensland Government guidelines, any vehicle with an overall length not exceeding 19 metres and a gross combined mass not exceeding 43.5 tonnes, is permitted general access to all roads in Queensland unless prohibited by regulatory signage such as a load limit capacity. Vehicles exceeding this mass or dimension may only use approved routes, unless operating under a permit issued by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator or operating under the Concessional Mass Limits scheme monitored by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

It is noted that Hawthorne and Lytton Roads, west of the intersection with Thynne Road, are not approved routes for such higher mass or oversize vehicles.

Based on the function and connectivity which Hawthorne and Lytton Roads have within Council’s Road Hierarchy and the local road network, Council does not support or propose to implement a truck ban along Hawthorne or Lytton Roads at this time.

Council acknowledges also that drivers of large vehicles are equally obligated to drive safely and adhere to the Queensland road rules as are all users of Hawthorne Road. Suspected oversize or over-mass heavy vehicles using Hawthorne Road, or incidences of poor driving behaviour such as speeding or driving recklessly, should be reported to the Queensland Police Service via Policelink on 131 444.