Peak hour clearway on Kedron Brook Road for cyclist safety.

Principal Petitioner Stephen Amos, Stafford Heights
Date Closed Fri, 03 Nov 2017 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 285 signatures

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Residents draw to the attention of Brisbane City Council the hostile nature of Kedron Brook Road to the needs of an increasing number of people riding bikes. Kedron Brook Road is the connector between the CBD and the bike path along Kedron Brook. From Kedron Brook riders can access many local suburbs in safety. However, the large volume of traffic and hostile cycling conditions on Kedron Brook Road is a significant barrier facing residents who wish to access the CBD by bicycle. The footpath is narrow and is used for café dining so is not practicable for use by bicycle riders. Car parking on Kedron Brook Road occupies the road shoulder and forces cyclists to either ride in the lane or next to parked cars where doors being opened is a significant risk. This causes contention between motorists transiting the area and the safety of bicycle riders. While there are alternative routes, these all have their own hazards and are significantly longer than the direct Kedron Brook Road which is a further disincentive to active travel. Kedron Brook Road is nominated by Council as a principal cycling route and is the most direct path for the many residents of the Grange, Newmarket, Stafford, Gordon Park, as well as other northern suburbs. Currently more cyclists use Kedron Brook Road each day than all the other northern BCC cycling routes combined. The worst times for this contention are the week day peak hours, and the road presents little problems outside this time.

This petition therefore requests that Kedron Brook Road have a full length bi-directional peak hour clearway installed. This would mean that there would be no parking going South between 7 and 9am Monday to Friday, and no parking northbound between 4 and 7pm Monday to Friday. This would enable people to ride safely on the shoulder of the road without having to occupy the traffic lane to avoid parked cars and opening doors, while retaining parking for motorists on the other side of the road, as well as all the existing parking in sidestreets. BCC has successfully implemented these clearways on Sylvan Road and Annerley Road, where it has stated the following:

"As part of Council's commitment to improving cyclist safety on Annerley Road, a 12-month trial of peak hour bike lanes was conducted to provide a safer environment for cyclists along this route during busy periods. The project aimed to better balance the needs of cyclists, businesses and other road users by restricting parking when cycle use is at its highest." The petitioners see this providing a significant safety and amenity benefit to people trying to access the CBD by bicycle from the north, while acknowledging and minimising the impact on motorists who wish to park along this road.