Name a park in the Minnippi Links Estate after the Hoge Family

Principal Petitioner Jennifer Smyth, Manly
Date Closed Sat, 16 Sep 2017 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 81 signatures

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My application is to request that a park within the Minnippi Cannon Hill Community Links Estate is named after the Hoge Family who held ownership of the land until 1967. This application requests that a park in Minnippi Community Links Estate be named ‘Hoge Farm Reserve’ or ‘Hoge Farm Park’ after the Hoge Family who owned and worked the cattle farm and butchery from 1932-1967 and played a significant role in Cannon Hill’s contribution to Brisbane’s history. The Hoge Family’s historical evidence has been verified by the City Architect and Heritage Team City Planning. The request is correct - the area covered by the Minnippi Community Links was owned by Robert Hoge and his descendants from 1932 to 1967 when it came into Council ownership. Robert Hoge and his descendants were cattle farmers and butchers who used the land for grazing purposes. No evidence has been found of any misdeeds that would make naming the park, as requested, inappropriate. Minnippi Community Links Estate in Cannon Hill has been developed on land that was once the Hoge Family Farm. Hoge’s Farm operated as a family run enterprise, ‘R. Hoge and Sons Slaughter Yard’. It was owned and operated by Robert and Mary Hoge and their two sons, Robert and wife Millie, Frederick and wife Kathleen. The three families built homes and lived on the farm. The family run business employed approximately 10 workers and supplied meat to local butchers. Hoge’s Farm provided a variety of services to the community. The family kept milking cows on the farm, which were milked daily and the milk distributed to Cannon Hill customers from the back of a horse drawn cart. It also became the spelling yards for livestock after arriving at the Cannon Hill Sale Yards. While the old butchery was used by companies as a storage place for bales of cattle fodder. During World War II, the old cattle yards had repairs to enable it to be used in the event of the abattoirs being destroyed by bombing or such warfare. Now and again, soldiers camped on the property for a few days at a time. Robert and Mary Hoge continued to live on the farm until 1967 when Robert passed away and the farm was bought by the Council. Mary was cared for by her sons’ families until 1977 when she passed away. In 1937 Frederick and Kathleen moved their home and family to Shelley Street Cannon Hill. In 1956 Robert and Millie moved their home and family to 48 Stanton Street, Cannon Hill (where it still stands). Descendants of Robert and Mary Hoge have continued being active members of the Cannon Hill community. Salient to this application are the streets names of the Minnippi Community Links estate which reflect the names of Cannon Hill’s pioneer settlers. Therefore it is fitting that a park within the estate reflects the name of the Hoge Family who played an important role in Cannon Hill’s contribution to Brisbane’s early history.

Eg: Your petitioners therefore request: That a park within the Minnippi Community Links Estate is named 'Hoge Farm Park or 'Hoge Farm Reserve' after the Hoge cattle farm and butchery that was on the development site.

Council response

Thank you for your petition requesting that Council name a park within the Minnippi Community Links Estate as 'Hoge Farm Park' or 'Hoge Farm Reserve'.

Council has completed an investigation and considered your request.

Before Council can commence the park naming process for newly developed parkland, the parkland must be formally handed over to Council. For parklands within a new estate, Council will wait until the majority of residents have moved in to allow the residents to be involved in the park naming process for their area.

The park in question has been tentatively identified as Creek Road Park. The parklands within the Minnippi Community Links Estate will not be handed over to Council until July 2018, however Council will retain the information provided so that it can be included in a future formal park naming process for Creek Road Park.

Thank you for raising this matter.