Petition for traffic calming in the Misty Morn neighbourhood, Kenmore

Principal Petitioner Alasdair Roff, Kenmore
Date Closed Thu, 01 Feb 2018 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 33 signatures

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'In the interests of the safety of children and pedestrians we, the residents of Misty Morn, petition the Brisbane City Council to explore the potential for Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) in the neighbourhood. Misty Morn consists of a series of relatively low-volume neighbourhood access and local access roads (Kilkivan Ave, Fortrose St, Durness St, Cromarty St, Dumbarton Dr, Foinaven St, Lairg St) off Moggill Road in Kenmore. The quiet neighbourhood of Misty Morn has two children's playgrounds, four parks, a busy music school, coffee shop, and a hairdresser; and provides access for over 1,800 school children who catch the bus or walk to Kenmore State High School. Considering the growing number of children playing in the streets and parks around the neighbourhood, we ask the Council to explore the option of implementing Local Area Traffic Management measures in the neighbourhood, either in the form of speed platforms and/or kerb build-outs, or an extension of the existing 40 km/h school zone in place at Dumbarton Drive.

Most of the streets in the neighbourhood are local access roads with limited through traffic that act as an open space for walking, cycling or children's activities, or low volume neighbourhood access roads, making the area ideally suited for Local Area Traffic Management. Increasingly, non-neighbourhood cars are driving close to the upper speed limit down Kilkivan Street and Fortrose Street. This reduces the amount of time for young children to react quickly enough to move off the street to safety. We believe that the safety of children and the general community of the neighbourhood would be greatly enhanced with the addition of traffic management.

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