Keep Quiet Signage for Cyclists

Principal Petitioner Nicole Johnston, Fairfield
Date Closed Fri, 19 Apr 2013 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 190 signatures

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Numerous residents have requested that the Lord Mayor honour his election commitment to install 'keep quiet' signage on streets popular with early morning cyclists. I support this initiative and note that signs are in place already in Jamboree Ward.

Dear Brisbane City Councillors We the undersigned, call on Brisbane City Council to urgently install 'keep quiet' signage at the following locations to encourage and remind early morning cyclists to be more respectful of local residents who may be sleeping or have small children. We ask that these signs are funded from the $120m allocated to new bikeway works. The locations include:  The Brisbane Corso, Fairfield and Yeronga;  The Esplanade, Yeronga;  King Arthur Tce, Tennyson;  Leybourne St, Chelmer;  Nadine St, Chelmer;  Laurel Ave, Chelmer;  Berry St, Sherwood;  Rosebury Tce, Chelmer (near the entrance to the Walter Taylor Bridge); and  Stevens St, Yeronga.

Council response

Your petition has been investigated and was considered by Council’s Civic Cabinet at the meeting held on 23 September 2013. It was decided that the petitioners be advised of the information below.

Installation of signs is not funded from allocations for bikeway design and construction when not associated with a bikeway project.

Under the Manual Uniform Traffic Control Devices there are no signs which are allowable on roads for the purpose requested. However, Council has allocated $50,000 in the Lord Mayor’s Suburban Initiative Fund (LMSIF) for the Tennyson Ward, which can be accessed for developing a proposal in conjunction with the community to meet their concerns.

A search of Council’s record of LMSIF approvals shows that successful projects of a similar nature have been undertaken, using this fund, with support of the relevant councillors in the Bracken Ridge, Jamboree and Richlands wards.   

If you have any further questions please contact Lauren Barnett, Acting Program and Business Manager, in Council’s Brisbane Lifestyle Division, on 3403 8888.