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Install lights along the Coorparoo/Norman Park bike path for safety

Principal Petitioner Robyn Pryor, Norman Park
Date Closed Sat, 28 Sep 2013 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 26 signatures

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Lights are required along the bike path along The Common in Coorparoo and Griffin Park in Norman Park as there is little to no lighting, posing risks towards the safety of cyclists, walkers/runners and animals in the area. As a daily cyclist using the bike path for commuting, I have personally had near misses with runners in the dark who are not visible until in close range. I have also felt insecure about my personal safety. Installing lights will increase the safety of those using the pathway as well as potentially attract others to use the path who may not currently use it due to inadequate lighting.

Your petitioners therefore request for the safety of all using the bike path, that the Brisbane City Council review the need for installing lights along the bike paths through The Common, Coorparoo, and Griffin Park, Norman Park.