Safe cycling route through Stones Corner

Principal Petitioner Vance Kelly, Coorparoo
Date Closed Sun, 21 Sep 2014 This epetition has ended
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There is not currently a safe and direct cycling route, either inbound or outbound, along Logan Road between O'Keefe Street and Old Cleveland Road through Stones Corner. This commonly results in unsafe interactions with motor vehicles and/or pedestrians. Of particular concern is the roundabout at the intersection of Logan Road and O'Keefe streets and the bridge across Norman Creek of which neither has inadequate space allocated for safe cycle passage, and the inbound access to the bikeway in Hanlon park that is commonly blocked by traffic at peak times. The latter being further exacerbated by the need to make a significant diversion and the need to cross traffic on Junction Street to continue a city-bound journey.

The petitioners therefore request a combination of the following: allocated bike lanes through Logan Road in Stones Corner and the Logan Road roundabout; "Watch for Cyclists" signage to increase motorist awareness; cycle access created to, and potential widening of, the outbound foothpath on the Norman Creek bridge and designation as a shared pathway; linking of cycle path sections behind Stones Corner (between Logan Road and Gladys Street) and the construction of a cycle/pedestrian path on currently vacant land above the Eastern Busway between Laura and Lilly Streets to create a coherent link to Old Cleveland road along a no-low traffic route.