Impact of the Grace on Coronation development on the Bicentennial Bikeway

Principal Petitioner Donald Campbell, New Farm
Date Closed Fri, 31 Jul 2015 This epetition has ended
No. of signatures 108 signatures

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Residents draw Council's attention to the detrimental effects of the proposed Grace on Coronation development (A003953028) to cycling. Over the past seven years Council, in conjunction with the State Government, has spent in excess of $40 million dollars upgrading the Bicentennial bikeway between Toowong and the Brisbane central business district. This has increased the capacity, safety and, in turn, the amenity of the bikeway. The effectiveness of this funding is being put at risk due to the proposed development. Currently, cyclists traveling west past the development site ride along a bikeway, parallel to Coronation Drive, which requires the crossing of a side street (Archer Street). Residents have been calling for over 15 years that Archer Street be treated so the bikeway traffic has clear priority. However, Council has repeatedly ignored these calls.

While not ideal, the existing bikeway up to Glen Road is vastly gentler and less of a climb than detouring up Archer Street. As such, all bicycle traffic uses the existing corridor. This will all change if the development is to go ahead as it is currently proposed. To allow for direct motor vehicle access to and from Coronation Drive the developer has proposed that cyclists be diverted through the development and up Archer Street. This is not suitable. Council frequently states the undulating nature of Brisbane as a reason for low cycling participation but the proposed diversion will require cyclists to climb an extra five meters in altitude than the current route. The proposed diversion running through the development also poses the risk of being closed to cyclists in the future due to it being on private property.

Therefore, this petition requests that:

- the current cycling corridor (bikeway) along Coronation Drive be maintained up to Glen Road

- Council requires all motor vehicle access to the proposed development be via Archer Street, removing the perceived need to reroute bicycle traffic

- Archer Street be closed to Coronation drive and access be via Glen Road. 

- the development be viewed as a transit oriented development (TOD) and be assessed as such because bus, CityCat and train stops are all accessible within a 300 metre walk.

Council response

Dear petitioner,

The petition was considered by Council at the meeting of 7 June 2016 and Council can respond to you as follows.

An appeal has been lodged with the Planning and Environment Court on 20 July 2015 by a submitter against Council’s approval of the application and the appeal process will now be handled by the Court.

The appeal can be viewed online by visiting and searching reference number 2868/15.